Less than a week ago, Forum Otomotif Solo Raya (FOSR) celebrated their 4th anniversarry with a great event. This event certainly one of the biggest automotive event in Solo this year and known as "Stance.id Meet Up".

First time we heard about the theme of this meet up, there's no doubt that - this event will be so interesting with many stance cars enthusiast and we really excited to attend this event.  The participants came from Jogja, Semarang, Solo, Salatiga and other Central Java areas. Over 250 cars joined and participated in this event (which is a huge number).. Check out our coverage of the event and thanks again to the FOSR team for lettin us to make a contribute as a media partner!

Photos By: Dea Ginanjar

We start from this beautiful red, Bagged + Rotiform Wheels = Perfect!



Yeeh,  it's fresh from the oven! I must say, the owner is very total to build this project. Sick man! and thanks for using our lifestance decal. 


Another Fresh Car Mr.Vino's Yaris from Yogyakarta. Street Weapon Style! Feelin' so blue...


Next we have Accord with Work VS-XX 18"x10-12 from mr.Sidha from Yogyakarta , He did it well !


Abah Topan's new set up, with a new design bumper & new fresh colour. Really love it!





In the end, the award nominee stance of the day was given to mr.ibnu (green fd) & mr.fajar (white civic fb) ... And the stance of the day was given to abah topan's All new camry .. congratulations to the winners, see you at the next event FOSR on another ocassion !