Hai ! We are back with hottest event coverage this month (maybe this year). As you know, on 7th oct 2017 there was automotive event that held on Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The Elite 2017 (supported by Bank BJB) was breaking our weekend with their magic! We need to say, this event was Perfect and incredible! What's make it special? there is special guest from California. The one and only Elvis Skender (The founder of Stancenation). Besides that, there's so many car enthusiast who bring their collection car to this event. This is what we call “Bring the next level” for car enthusiast meet up in Indonesia. So many clean and proper cars, fresh build project, rare car and fancy wheels. The best thing we can see from this outstanding event. Overall, it's perfect! Let's see how was the show going.

Special thanks for our best photographer Afghan Prawira for capturing this moment!