Saturday, April 15th, 2017
Continuing the success of #MORNINGFLICK 2013 (more than 500 participants) and 2015 (more than 1000 participants), in 2017 is held again #MORNINGFLICK 2017 event by Hawk'n'Poke and Prestige Motorcars. With the high enthusiasm of automotive enthusiasts, the number of attendees at #MORNINGFLICK 2017 reached 1300 participants, where the event aims to gather car enthusiasts in a car gathering and watch a fun together, this time #MORNINGFLICK was held again at Plaza Senayan for private screening of film Fast & Furious 8.
With the unique concept of Invitation Only, where only the participants of 2013/2015 and the best automotive communities who get Invitation, #MORNINGFLICK again presents a very exclusive and quality car gathering. From classic rides to supercars and super-modifieds, this year's Plaza Senayan parking lot is again filled with car communities in Jakarta that are rarely seen at the same time.
The event took place on:
Day / Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017
Time: 07.30 - 11.00 am
Venue: XXI Plaza Senayan
Jln. Asia Africa No. 8, Central Jakarta Municipality, DKI Jakarta, 10270
Attended by various super sports and sports car communities such as Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia, Lamborghini Club Indonesia, Porsche Club Indonesia, M-Owners Club Indonesia, and also enlivened by various car enthusiasts community such as Gaspoll, Speed ​​Loverz, LM400, Speedgonz, Gascar Club, JDM Run, 6AM, GTR Owner Club Indonesia, Indomini Club, Fitted Sunday, 86ID, Bavarian Society and other car communities also enliven this event. #MORNINGFLICK has indeed presented car gathering that's unlike any other. Quite possibly the most outrageous Jakarta has ever seen!
This event can also take place also due to the support of the sponsors, namely Armytrix, Remus Sportexhaust, Showcar Garage, FF Luxury Watch, BRQ, Clovertech Garage CGI, KW Suspension, MV Agusta, Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia, Shoeprise, Rebellion, Venom, and Wet Gloss.
This event is an exclusive event, where the event is attended only by invited guests, the community of super cars, sports car, car ethusiasts, event sponsors, invited guests Prestige Motorcars and Hawk'n'Poke. This event is also intended for all media colleagues, whether printed, online, or television and does not apply to the public.

PHOTOS BY : Prasetyo Adi W