Damn good! The first impression when we come to this event! No fake wheels, quality over quantity, clean and proper cars are the best thing when we attend automotive event nowadays. Just like you know, on our official Instagram, we never post fake wheels. So this event really match with our vision.. The main purpose is to educate that the car meet in Indonesia should raise its standards. Then this event could also be a place for the car enthusiast to share with each other about car modifications. We really excited when Mr. Tommy (one of Local Committe) invite us to join Local 2017. We know from his first description, this event will be crowded and "pecah".  The venue is really beautiful, and we have to say, this is one of beautiful venue that we ever join on automotive event. This event hosted by #fittedsunday and team. All of you did it so perfect guys! We move to the participant, because of so many car enthusiast want to join this event, so the committe must screening every participant that qualified to join. The important thing is it must uses Original Wheels. Based on data from the committe, the overall number of participants is about 70 participant. But, you must know that it's QUALITY over QUANTITY. So you guys will feel really satisfied with every participant's car. Not only from Bekasi and surrounding areas, but there is from Bogor, Bandung and Yogyakarta. We really respect with the guys who had come for an event, not just to display their cars, but also to keep in touch with fellow car enthusiat from another city. This is the best way to make some good relation in real world, not only from Social Media. Yeah, overall we really amazed with this event. We wanna say thanks to all of the local's commiite for the harmness and hospitality. See you on #LOCAL2018 guys! Enjoy the pics and video :)

Photos by : Prasetyo Adi Wibowo & Kavin MS

Video by : Raka Sputra & Hanung