"The Biggest Japanese Car Festival In Indonesia"

     Goodrides collaborate with Fatlace of America as the franchisor Offset Kings and also Bank BJB as one of the National Bank which today has grown into one of the largest bank in Indonesia will hold an event entitled BJB Speedmatsuri: Japan Day x Offset Kings Indonesia on December 3, 2016 at the Sentul International Circuit, Bogor.
In addition BJB Bank as the main sponsor, the event is also supported by PERTAMAX Turbo as quality fuel with 98 octane owned by PT Pertamina (Persero). In the event the Bank BJB SpeedMatsuri: Japan Day x Offset Kings Indonesia is definitely in dire need reliability driver also must be adjusted with the vehicle's performance of each participant. Therefore, to meet the needs and curiosity of the domestic auto activists, Pertamina carries high-quality fuels Pertamax Turbo (RON98) as the main supporter of the fuel in this prestigious event.

     Background "SpeedMatsuri" name based on the combination of two words "Speed" means "speed", while "Matsuri" has a close correlation with the festival. Hence, the name SpeedMatsuri was chosen to represent a series of events held by combining two major elements in any one event that is expected to accommodate the huge enthusiasm of the automotive enthusiast in Indonesia and could provide a new experience for industrial and automotive culture in Indonesia.

     After successfully conducting SpeedMatsuri: Honda Funday in 2015 and, this year the theme SpeedMatsuri Japan Day is devoted to participants Japanese production car users only. Bank BJB SpeedMatsuri: Japan Day x Offset Kings Indonesia has a series of events inseparable, with the purpose to appreciate and accommodate all aspects of the automotive culture that developed in Indonesia. Bank BJB SpeedMatsuri: Japan Day x Offset Kings Indonesia is divided into two main event is a competition Goodrides Time Attack and Offset Kings Indonesia car show.
Through Goodrides Time Attack, we hope to reintroduce the branches of motorsport competition in Indonesia. The main goal Time Attack competition is to give an opportunity to the participants to feel the sensation of driving and competed in track covered path that requires participants to demonstrate their ability to carve out the best time on the track circuit. Goodrides Time Attack will provide a better experience for visitors and participants who are interested in the world of motorsport, we hope the event time attack this time could be the inaugural event of the series of time attack event in the future.

     Goodrides this time in collaboration with Fatlace to set a new standard event meet up car or car show in Indonesia by presenting Offset Kings in Indonesia. Offset Kings is an event international series shaped car show belongs Fatlace previously been organized in various countries of which is the United States, Japan and Australia. Offset Kings Indonesia main goal is to encourage the automotive enthusiast in Indonesia showed the best works with the level of execution that deserves to be on display internationally. For Goodrides decided to also invite SpeedHunters as international media will cover all activities in this event.
Besides goodrides Attack Time Offset Kings battle and car show, will also be held around the location of the various forms of festive community such as gocart , community gatherings, racing simulator, swap meet, and so on.
Bank BJB SpeedMatsuri: Japan Day x Offset Kings Indonesia is not limited to community / club particular, but to the communities that are broader with the aim to facilitate the entire car enthusiast in general, both of which are members of a club, team, workshop and individuals, that are expected to be a forum for sharing among enthusiasts, even in the context of different generations that will automatically give a positive impact on the development of automotive culture in Indonesia.

     Then, we want to say thankyou for inviting us to coverage this awesome event. goodrides!

Photos By : Fauzan Akhmad // Prasetyo Adi // Kavin MS