The Name is KUJIRA TOYOTA CELSIOR UCF20 Second Car Build Fauzan Akhmad

Banyak dari kalian mengenal saya hanya sebagai pria yang selalu memposting di Lifestance, sementara yang lain tahu lebih banyak tentang saya dan masa lalu saya. Seperti yang Anda ingat, mobil lama saya adalah Suzuki Swift ZC21S. [...]

Mini Meaty - Ade Juliano's R50 Mini Cooper

This weekend, we give you coverage from Mr. Ade juliano's Mini Cooper 2007 (R50).. As you know, the shape of this mini is always beautiful to see. No need to debate, many people especially woman love this car. This is why Ade [...]

326 Power - Galang's Red Hot Civic

So yeah.. we really glad to post this our latest article about galang's honda civic FB. It's about last january, he came to Yogyakarta to participate join in Automotive Showdown Contest that held on Jogja Expo Center (JEC). We [...]

Fitted Sedan - Reza's Accord

Here we go.. This car has been a long time coming for a feature here and we were finally able to coordinate everything to get some adorable shots of one of the hottest cars out in Yogyakarta right now. Mr. Reza Ganang (as the [...]

Black Coupe - Twin's E250

True car enthusiast see their cars as extension of themselves. The car, whatever it may, becomes more than just a car, more than just a mode of transportation, its their true pride and joy. They become one with their cars, they [...]

Mini Mama - Reza's Miata (MX5)

We just can't get over how this red roadster posed so sexy. Its also amazing what you can pull off with the right drop and the right wheels for this RWD car. On a personal note though, Reza Zigzag (as the owner) choose the work [...]

shades of blue - okta's Jazz (GE8)

There are those cars where you run across a photo on Instagram or Internet Browser and it just makes you stop whatever you're doing. You look, you curious, you stare, you do screenshoot or right-click save as the image, than you [...]

November Set up - Agung's yaris

In this time, we have a special coverage that taken on Bali Island. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (known as GWK) is the spot that we choose. This is a great place, the old architecture and the building is very natural classic.Some of you [...]

Black and Shine - Arya's Camry XV30

There is no doubt that elegant style is everlasting. Simple touch, applying bodykit all around, use big wheels, deep outerlips and keep in clean and shine are the best way to make it looks deluxe.Arya the owner of this beautiful [...]

worthy project - Fauzan's Suzuki Swift

If you are from Yogyakarta, this car may be familiar to you. When people talk about us (Lifestance), his name can't be separated from our big name. So yes, he is the founder of the Lifestance. After a long time, this new project [...]

Agung's balinese yaris stance

Bali Island always present some beautiful thing not only from the culture, the people and the place, but also the Car Enthusiast. now we'll talk about Toyota Yaris that owned by I Gusti Agung Wira Pernawa, known as Agung. On last [...]

STREET WEAPON's Influence - Vino's Yaris

Radical. The first word that comes to our mind when we look at this project. Mr. Vino, A man who comes from Pati executes his car with really perfect and detailed. Nowadays, many types of modifications are grow, not just VIP's, [...]

Doctor Bagged - Willy's Freed

You might ask, why does the title refer to doctor bagged? The answer is because the owner (Mr. Willy) is a doctor, and he uses air suspension on his car. He cameawayfrompurwokerto, traveled toYogyakarta,and then he contact usand [...]